Reality Check

You can say what you like about Jakob Nielsen (and most people do), but he means well eh? Him and a few mates (the Nielsen Norman Group) have written a new software product that plugs into Dreamweaver MX and performs constant checks to ensure the sites you are building are compliant with the W3C standards and Section 508 guidelines.

LIFT NN/g "alerts developers of any possible violations of these guidelines. A fix wizard automatically repairs broken tables, images, scripts, cascading menus and other glitches. A JavaScript Analyzer avoids common errors. A monitor checks work as it’s completed, so mistakes are fixed before they are perpetuated on multiple Web pages."

A good idea I reckon, we all know how important web standards are, we’ve read the stuff on the WaSP site and we agree with the concerns of Zeldman, but it’s still an effort to consult the W3C site and remember the guidelines, so why not let the computer absorb the information and do the work for us?

But, it’s a plug-in for Dreamweaver MX only, so what if you code by hand? Well you still need to remember the guidelines in the same way you have to remember HTML/XHTML/CSS (unless some clever chap writes a BBEdit plug-in or Applescript), but so large is the user base of Dreamweaver users that it should still, hopefully, improve many websites.

{ via Wired }

Posted 11 years, 6 months ago

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