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Over a month after the major security flaw was found in php4, Apple have got round to releasing a Security Update for OS X. There’s a whole bunch of other upgrades bundled in, and some reviews have commented on things being speeded up, so probably worth an upgrade even if you don’t use PHP or SSH.

Omnigroup have released a new version of their cocoa web browser for Mac OS X, Omniweb. I really want Omniweb to do well - it looks fantastic and seems fast at downloading pages, but support for CSS and Javascript is still not complete, and scrolling long pages takes way too long. Until these problems are sorted I’ll still have to <grudgingly> use IE 5.

Also : Business Week Online have picked up the wi-fi baton and have ran with it. [via O'Reilly weblogs]

Posted 12 years ago

Omniweb is horrid. Almost as bad as the Opera beta. Why would you bother using it when you can use Mozilla? I’ve been using Mozilla as my primary browser since I’ve had my iBook [2 months], and I’ve had no problems. It scrolls slowly at times, but it’s far better than any other OSX browser I’ve tried.

Unxmaal · www · 12 years ago

Seems that <a href="" target="_blank">Chimera</a> might be worth a go also - it has a Quartz rendering engine like Omniweb, but is based on Mozilla, so it is also standards compliant at things like CSS and XHTML. Omniweb is getting there, but it still has a long way to go.....

phil · 12 years ago

Just downloaded Mozilla 0.9.9 - and I’m impressed. I tried a version a while ago (0.9.5 I think), and it was slow to load and a bit cumbersome to use, but this build is much better. Seems to be no longer any excuse to be caught using IE 5 anymore!

phil · 12 years ago

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